The Great Announcement

Do you know that just the announcement of the Resurrection is indicative of its application and importance to a vibrant and overcoming Christian life? (Matthew 28:1-10 and Ephesians 1:18-21)

  1. At the dawn: Sunrise. At dawn on the first day of the week...Symbolic of newness; a new beginning. The Spirit of Christ living in our hearts should be a physical and spiritual resurrection in our lives. His Spirit should be a dawning to us.  Is it to you? We should be resurrected people no longer constrained by the sin of this world. If the resurrection does not mean that to you, why? What is stopping it?
  • Have you repented of your sins and and received with the Holy Spirit of God? This is the most important step in receiving the resurrection of Christ in your heart. Have you done this before but turned your face away from His? Turn to back to God.
  • Is it the enemy deceiving you and stopping you from seeing the Lord through your circumstances?
  • Are you neglecting of the Spirit of the Lord through the Word, worship and prayer making you spiritually weak and ill?
  • Are there clouds blocking your view: Clouds of idolatry or unbelief?

As the sun rises everyday without ceasing, the resurrection of our souls is perpetually  new. This is both mind-boggling and a reason to shout for joy.

  1. A violent Earthquake. There was a violent earthquake The Earth was shaken! Jesus’s resurrection shook the foundation of the fallen world- a world dominated by sin. Death and the Devil were defeated! You can be given courage by the fact that our Lord wins in all things. That earthquake is just a preview of the Victory the Lord has over evil-sin, death, sickness and the grave.
  2. Angels appeared.  His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow. Angels gleaming in white brought the news. As at the birth of Christ, a divine declaration was in order: the light has overcome the darkness! This is a celebration greater than anything we will ever celebrate. Let’s rejoice in the Resurrection for it is transformational. All forms of darkness can now be dispelled with the resurrection power of Christ.

This announcement was the greatest of all time for the Resurrection of our Lord defeated everything about this fallen world. Do you fully understand the depth of His resurrection in your life? He was resurrected to conquer the death, sin and sickness not only of this fallen world but also the fallenness in our personal lives. This has a real application to our everyday struggles.

Who is the Lord to you? Who do you need the Lord to be at this time in your life and what are you believing for? There is nothing- nothing- impossible with God!

I pray for you as Paul did for the church in Ephesians 1:18-21. Have a great and resurrection empowered life!