Science and Faith

I am “Bi-vocational.” That means- you guessed it- I have two vocations or jobs. This is true in that I am a science teacher, as well as a teacher of God’s Word/Evangelist.

I love Science. The reason why I love science is because it teaches about the most beautiful, intricate and amazing phenomenon. Science means “to know.” Studying, investigating, and researching are thrilling and satisfying to me.

Why wouldn’t a science teacher have great faith? Science is the study of the universe- from the infinitesimal to the infinite. This great range of study has increased my faith in the Creator because science simply cannot explain the most complex things, and when it comes close there is design so intricate and precise that you know it was intentionally created.

During the day, I have the assignment of teaching middle-school. It is quite a task, and a ministry. I enjoy helping students succeed, and encouraging them to be their best. It is a very rewarding job, indeed, and fits nicely into the calling God has given me to “feed His sheep.”