Native of inner city of Philadelphia, summers at Jersey shore.

Raised as a Catholic girl in a broken home, but saw visions of God and healing as well as demonic activity

Only second person in family to graduate high school and the first in family to attend college

Earned the Bachelor of Science in Biology from Temple University

Earned the Masters of Science in Instruction from Drexel University, specialization in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Saved and made a new creation at 24 years of age at Calvary Temple of Philadelphia; delivered from alcohol abuse, ungodly living and smoking.

Left career in public education to enter Christian education

Met Tom, another young convert, married and moved to the Delaware/Maryland area.

Delivered from the residue of ungodly living from my early, unsaved life.

Heard the call of God.

Raised a beautiful family. Studied God’s Word.

Earned Assembly of God credentials. Served in many capacities: Children’s Pastor, Altar Worker, Prayer Leader, Outreach Coordinator, Women’s Ministries, Christian Education, Pulpit Teacher, Preacher and Writer.

Re-entered public education, called as an Evangelist, and see God’s Faithful hand in EVERY area of LIFE!


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