Teaching, God’s Word and Evangelism

Sharing God’s Word is a passion for me. I challenge you to delve into the Word of God.  I believe you will be enlightened, challenged, empowered, and equipped. Once you experience it, you will never be the same again.

Have you ever tried reading the Bible? If not, start with the New Testament, and read the gospel according to John or Luke. I think you will be inspired and enlightened.

I love the Lord and God’s Word so much, I am called to teach and preach it. Renown Evangelist Marshall Windsor sums it up perfectly for me,

The ministry of the evangelist is something you have a hard time explaining- primarily because it about the call of God on your life. The avenues of ministry have certainly changed over the centuries, but the message continues to be one of hope in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. As an evangelical evangelist, you have sensed the calling of God that is without repentance (Romans 11:29). it won’t let you go, and you cannot run from it- because it is a calling- it must be answered. You will never be happy until you yield to God in His pursuit of your life.”

(p. 39 Becoming a Spirit-Empowered Evangelist)