Where’s the Church?

I continue to be frustrated with the idea that we “go to church,” and that church is separate from the rest of our lives. We need to change our mindset. Let’s remember we are the church, we shouldn’t ‘go to church’ but we should go out into the world and be the church. (I know that’s a mouthful!) Let’s go “to worship” the LORD together and then gladly go out into all the world. Everyday, let’s bring the good news of Jesus outside of the walls of the church. Let’s make that the goal: Get out of the walls of the church! Bring Jesus to a hurting world. Do whatever you can to bring love, blessing and the truth of Jesus Christ and His forgiveness and renewal that only He is able to bring.

Jesus said, “No one can see the kingdom of heaven unless He is born again.” Jesus makes us a new creation. He gives us a new life with all the past forgiven. (Yes!) He gives us hope and wisdom for every need. Through Jesus we have a personal relationship with God Almighty! This is what every soul longs for, and it needs to be shared!

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