The Crisis in Morality, from a Teacher’s Persective

As a middle school teacher in an American public school, and with over twenty-five years experience working with students from all walks of life, I can say that America is in a moral and social crisis. Happy, well-adjusted students are more of an exception than the norm. Why do I say such? Students today live in homes where divorce is common, parents are in prison, and addiction is well-known. Grandparents and great grandparents often raise the children now. There is sadness, depression and violence. Poverty is not the worst thing that can happen anymore. Profanity, disrespect, and licentiousness are established by a large percentage of students before they even reach the middle school years. It is very sad and alarming to witness this moral and social decline.

What’s the solution? It’s not money. It’s not regulation. It’s goodness and righteousness. This moral rightness can only come from the inside. When we have a moral code than our actions tend to go in the right direction. The family unit must be rebuilt and strengthened. The character of our society needs rejuvenation.

Hollywood is a moral failure and partly to blame for the demise in our culture. What else? Violence in television and internet, pornography, lack of a moral code, rejection of moral values and religion, and acceptance of depraved life styles and choices. Many parents have stopped policing what their children do. Politicians and interest groups have fought for godless rights and won. Greed and covetousness are no longer sins, and both adults and children in American want more and more and more without restraint. Faith in God and Christian education is no longer a priority.

We must promote a moral America again. The church needs to do her part setting the example, and preaching a value system again. Parents and citizens must speak up and do whatever they can to fight the publicity of wrong ideas and godless values. Parents must parent again, and stop allowing their children to take part in things that degrade their minds and souls. Again, the church must stand up. We need a revival of values and a revival of the Spirit. The church must support the family and help them find the way to what is good and right.

Most of all, we must pray and turn to God. Evil has found its way into the void made as we kicked out the ways of God. The Lord will help us as a nation as we turn to Him. Let’s turn to Him for our families sake and for future generations. Everyone needs to do their part to promote Godliness and a moral America for the sake of our children and our future. Everyone. Faith leaders have the utmost moral responsibility to help our communities and must lead the way.




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