Why is Christmas so meaningful?

Why is Christmas so meaningful? It is a season of hope and joy, peace and love, expectation and fulfillment, adoring and worshipping. Long ago, before that first Christmas, the Hebrew people made offerings for the atonement of sin. Many Individuals, within and outside of the Hebrew culture, most assuredly had faith in God, but were waiting for redemption. Isaiah the prophet wrote,

“A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse…the Spirit of the Lord will rest on him…In that day the root of Jesse will stand as a banner for the peoples.”

Society at large waits for redemption. Why? Because it is part of human nature to long for the fulfilling of the soul. I cannot at this moment support this with quantitative data or proof, which as a former scientist and now as a science teacher I place credibility in actual, measurable data. However, qualitatively and by observation,  I have seen throughout my life that people do long for the fulfilling of the soul. This is why Christmas is so meaningful.

Christ came to bring us redemption and fulfillment. In the spring we remember that Christ died and rose from the grave, and we believe that as we place our lives in His we too will rise after our bodies die. Our life has been redeemed by what Christ did for us on the cross and the empty grave. At Christmastime we remember that Jesus Christ, God in the form of man, came to bring the news that God is with us and for us. This truth is perfect fulfillment. God is for you, and he loves you enough to come in the flesh to give you this news, which is just as valid and true today as it was about 2017 years ago and eternity past.

We give gifts to show love, even to people we do not know. We have been so blessed, and we desire to be a blessing.  The desire to give is part of the soul that feels love and longs to be fulfilled. Christmas is the celebration of this love, and as we realize that Christ is redemption and fulfillment our Christmases are sweeter, and come as close to perfection we will experience while on this Earth. As we wait for Christmas day to arrive, let us enjoy the sense of expectation and feel the joy of fulfillment. Let us worship Him who gave us hope and joy, peace and love, expectation, fulfillment and redemption.

Have a merry, merry Christmas!

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